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Melbourne Escorts – Secrets to Being a Nice Guy without Going Over-the-Top

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It seems that women always go for the “bad guy” – but only because they find the “nice guy” too nice, some lovely ladies, including the sexy courtesans at Melbourne Escorts, share. After all, the former says what he means and takes what he wants. Meanwhile, the latter leaves practically all the decisions to his date, and doesn’t seem to want to speak his mind because he doesn’t want to offend anyone.

If you’ve been called a nice guy, you know what happens. You ask a girl out, she agrees, and you both enjoy the outing but she turns you down when you ask her out again. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on that second date. You can still get her to agree to see you again, without becoming a jerk.

1. Don’t shower her with gifts. Bring her flowers on your first date, but skip the really expensive bouquet. However, don’t go the extra mile and bring her chocolates and a stuffed toy as well – most women see that as going overboard. According to experts, plying her with gifts makes you look desperate as well as lacking confidence in your own charms.

2. Keep an eye on your habits. The ‘nice guy’ stereotype is usually seen as being too needy, or else relying on passive-aggressiveness. These habits seem harmless, but many women dislike them for a reason.

3. Don’t always be available. When ladies know you’ll drop everything just so you can see them, it takes the fun out of the dating game.

You want to be available, true, but you also want to let the object of your affection know your life doesn’t revolve around her. That means, when she texts asking if you’re available and you’ve already made plans, tell her you are only if these plans can easily be changed. That way, you don’t have to feel guilty about telling her you’re busy.

So keep the above in mind so that you don’t become one of those nice guys who are ‘too nice’, and practice interacting with women, perhaps with the help of one of the lovely babes at Melbourne Escorts. It’s all a question of balance – be assertive without being too aggressive, and be sensitive and kind without overdoing anything. That way, you can still finish first, without stepping on anyone to get there.

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