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While there’s no such thing as the perfect bloke, there are those who come pretty close; as soon as they walk out the door, they seem to draw everyone’s gaze. Even the lovely vixens at Melbourne Escorts have encountered their fair share of perfectly charming men.

There’s just something irresistible about certain blokes – so what can you do if you’re not one of those, or feel you don’t qualify? Fortunately, you can emulate them following the tips below.

1. First impressions matter. There’s no need to wear an expensive suit; just knowing how to put together an outfit that enhances your appearance is enough. Add some cologne, and make sure you walk with confidence, and you’re good to go.

Pay attention to how you move, too. Excessive movements like swinging your arms too much, will make you look immature. Don’t be too stiff, either. Instead, make sure you minimize your movements, not to mention move with purpose.

2. Be positive. Have you ever been in a conversation where you were talking to someone who just couldn’t seem to look on the bright side of things? If you found yourself wishing you were somewhere else instead of listening to the rant, the girl you’re trying to snag will think the same thing if you do nothing but complain.

Find something to talk about besides how bad things are at work, for instance. It’s fine to let it out now and then rather than bottling it up. But at the same time, show her you’re not going to let life keep you down.

3. Look people in the eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whether you believe this or not, there’s something about a firm but gentle gaze. Just be sure you actually blink once in awhile, because it’s a good thing to meet someone’s gaze, but staring at that someone is creepy. If you have anxiety issues, fake it until you make it, or find other ways to show sincerity besides meeting her gaze.

Being the perfectly charming bloke takes more than these three, but the above are definitely a good way to get started. Whether you’re talking with female colleagues are with one of the gorgeous courtesans at Melbourne Escorts, using the above tips will help you seem more attractive to the opposite sex.

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