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Melbourne Escorts

There are many reasons for a bloke to hire an escort for an hour or two – even a day – of warm companionship and, quite possibly, toe-curling sex once behind closed doors. One of these is because they simply need a confidence boost before they go for an actual relationship. The lovely vixens at Melbourne Escorts know this quite well – they know that dating can be difficult.

However, there’s one thing you can do to shift the odds in your favour, and that’s being able to deliver the goods when you hit the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or wherever you do the deed. Here are some ways you can become the man that the girls talk about.

1. Top up your sex drive. Think of it as the gas in your sexual engine; if you don’t have a lot of it, you just won’t be up for sex that night, which can be a disappointment for the lovely lady. Nip this problem in the bud by getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and managing your stress.

2. Reduce your porn ‘intake’. It’s not a way to ‘practice’, nor is it a good example for how sex would work out in real life. There’s still a lot of speculation and talk about the effects of porn, especially on young men, but the bottom line is, it doesn’t mean better sex. Regular masturbation can help you train yourself to last longer, but that’s not the same thing.

Cutting down on how much porn you watch also lessens your exposure to the wrong way to go about sex. According to some gorgeous escorts, acting like a porn star when you’re in the bedroom is the best way to get girls to bid you goodbye right then and there. Obviously, you don’t want that happening.

3. Groom yourself. There’s nothing wrong with body hair, as long as it looks clean – including the hair down there, clarifies one escort. If it looks like steel wool, it doesn’t look that appealing, so it can take away from an otherwise great experience for her.

4. Go down on her. Practice your oral sex skills until you get better, and she’ll have no qualms about going down on you.

You can hone your bedroom skills with the help of the gorgeous Melbourne Escorts, so browse the gallery now and start getting better.

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