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Melbourne Escorts – Secrets to Using Her Senses to Get Her Aroused

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You’ve likely seen the phrase “set the mood” quite a few times when searching for ways to impress a special lady – but what comes to mind when you read it? Is there soft music in the background? Dinner in a restaurant with a relaxed yet romantic ambiance? Those are both possibilities. However, different ladies have different tastes, as the courtesans at Melbourne Escorts will no doubt prove.

While men don’t always make the effort to set the mood, it’s well worth it when you do. Think about it: the more aroused your lady friend is, the better the sex, when you get to that point. Here are a few tips you can follow to focus on what will really stoke her fire.

1. Sense of smell. Maybe you’ve noticed that some people are more attractive after a workout, or if they’re wearing a certain scent. Experts have found out that humans – especially women – tend to use their noses as well when it comes to finding a potential partner.

Ladies usually find the scents of peppermint, vanilla, sandalwood, and pine to be attractive. Lavender will also work, because both sexes will be turned on by it. Meanwhile, cinnamon is beneficial for men since it helps them get harder.

2. Sense of sight. Red isn’t just a power colour, but one that screams desirability as well. Both men and women find that red is somehow attractive and sexy. If you don’t like how red looks on you, you can wear it as an accent instead of the main colour of your outfit, or in your décor. Red throw pillows, red flowers, or red scented candles will all enhance a scene to your advantage.

3. Sense of hearing. You know how different kinds of music play at different restaurants – relaxing instrumentals at fine dining establishments compared to up-tempo pop songs at fast food chains? Those in the restaurant industry know that music can influence how people act. The same goes for the bedroom.

In this case, it can change how your bedroom romp goes. Choose a nice and relaxing beat, crooning vocals, or melodies that build to a crescendo over time to ‘shape’ your sexy session.

Now, if you’re looking forward to a nice, romantic evening but don’t have a date, or just want some company, just browse the gallery at Melbourne Escorts today to find the perfect babe for you.

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