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Are the missionary, woman on top, or doggy-style positions starting to bore you and your partner to sleep? Perhaps you should literally look “East” for the answers, especially if you are in search of truly fun and exotic sex positions! But before trying any of these out tonight, remember that some of these positions may require an elevate, or extreme, level of trust between yourself and your partner.

The Crab
Here’s a truly exotic and oriental sex positions that you’ll love doing with your girlfriend, or perhaps with your favourite Melbourne Escorts, and it’s called the Crab sex position! This is actually a man-on-top position where the woman’s legs are folded in, and is best performed in bed as the woman may choose to arch her back toward the man.

But in doing this, the woman must be very flexible, and it also requires a lot of female stamina. Well, the guy should actually have a lot of stamina too, so he could satisfy the girl!

The Buck
In this sex position, the man holds the woman’s legs apart, and stands between her legs. This sex position is best performed on a table top, and not in bed. Ideally, the man should be strong enough to hold the woman’s legs in the air, as this helps her to relax, and it also allows the man to enjoy a full range of motion (and it also makes switching to anal entry easier!)

The Lotus
The Lotus is described as a male-female facing position, and is by far considered as the most intimate of all the exotic sex positions. The guy sits cross-legged, while the woman mounts him, supported on his lap, and both make love by rubbing their bodies together.

The Frog
The frog sex positions is considered a very athletic position, as the woman is supported in mid-air by holding the man’s hands, and facing away from him toward the ceiling. The woman then balances on top of the guy’s feet and mounts him.

Sex experts say that the sensations and pressure of this sex positions are very unique, which should make the experience a very memorable one for you and your hookup partners, and of course your preferred Melbourne Escorts!

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