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Melbourne Escorts – Sexual Fetishes: Are They Criminal Or Plain Crazy?

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If you mysteriously get turned on by seeing your partner wear high heels, or if you crave rubbing your skin (or your genitals) on a person wearing rubber and latex outfits, it’s likely that you have a sexual “fetish”! A fetish is defined as “a sexual excitement in response to an object or body part that’s not typically sexual, such as shoes or feet (and others)”.  Most individuals with fetishes must almost always have the object of their attraction at hand, or will be fantasizing about it, whether alone or with a partner. But are sexual fetishes criminal, or just plain crazy?

If You’re Happy With The Fetish, Then You’re Fine

Do you know of anyone who has a peculiar sexual fetish? Perhaps your girlfriend has one, or even your favourite Melbourne Escorts, but they’re just too shy to tell you about it!

According to sex and mental health experts, part of the challenge of identifying and classifying “paraphilias” or conditions characterized by abnormal sexual desires that typically involve extreme or dangerous activities, is whether they range from the undoubtedly harmful, to the benign.

For example, sexual fetishes like urophilia (or sexual excitement over urine) may seem yucky to most, but it’s unlikely to hurt anyone. Many guys and girls also consensually engage in sexual activities that involve spanking or whipping, and even hair-pulling. Thus, a sexual fetish may be considered safe or just plain crazy, if the person likes doing it, and enjoys the experience too!

But If The Fetish Harms Others, Then It Can Be Considered Criminal

A sexual fetish however can be considered criminal, especially if it harms others. For example, plenty of pedophiles often find it enjoyable (and experience no distress) over their attraction to children. But of course, we all know that pedophilia is a grave offense!

Another fetish that causes undue harm or distress to others is “frotteurism”, or the habit of rubbing against unsuspecting people, as well as “voyeurism”, or the act of spying on unsuspecting individuals.

So, if you simply love kissing and licking your hookup partner, or lovely Melbourne Escorts’ feet (which is referred to as a foot fetish), and she likes what you’re doing too, then there’d be nothing criminal or illegal with your favourite fetish!

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