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Melbourne Escorts

Who says that Netflix is the only movie and TV streaming service available today? Well, perhaps you should also add another service provider to your list, and it’s called Hulu! Just like eating spicy food during the hot August days, raising your core body temp with some streaming heat could also help you ignore the rising thermometer numbers. Here’s a few of the many sexy and sleazy movies that you can watch on Hulu any time.

New Rose Hotel (1999)

At Hulu, there’s just something for everyone’s cinematic desire, from some anachronistic period flicks to lots of sexy, sleazy films that are sure to delight you and your hookup mates, as well as your favourite Melbourne Escorts! And, here’s one nice flick to check out too.

Based on the cyberpunk story of William Gibson, two “extraction” specialists (Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe) hire a Shinjuku, Tokyo call girl (Played by Asia Argento) to seduce a scientist away from his corporation. This one’s both a sci-fi thriller and a sexy flick!

Kiss of the Damned

In this sexy vampire flick, one vamp named Djuna tries and fails to resist the wiles of a very shirtless human screenwriter named Milo Ventimiglia. And things are perfectly okay until Djuna’s sister shows up and all hell breaks loose, and thus endangering the entire vampire community!

Heartland (2016)

In this movie, the main character Lauren returns home to Oklahoma after the death of her girlfriend, only to begin a sleazy affair with her brother’s girlfriend!

A Teacher

In this movie, a Texas high school gets romantically and erotically involved with one of her students. However, as the relationship starts to fall apart, so does her life!

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you check out these sexy movies, and find a whole lot more, on Hulu tonight or any time, with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Melbourne Escorts!

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