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Melbourne Escorts – Simple Phrases That Actually Irritate Her

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All couples have a phase where one of them gets irritated at the other for what seems like no reason. The lovely babes at Melbourne Escorts have had a few clients who experienced it at some point – and as it turns out, there are certain simple phrases that can set a lady off. To blokes, apparently, they’re harmless, but to ladies, they have deeper meanings.

To help you avoid irritating your partner, here are the more common things men say that can set women off.

1. You’re overreacting. One lovely babe explained that this line sounds as if the bloke isn’t taking his partner seriously and making light of a problem that, to her, is very important. If anything, this will aggravate her more because she’s looking for support from you. By saying she’s overreacting, you tell her that she’s not getting that support.

2. Calm down. Use this during an argument, and you’re likely to see it have the opposite effect on her. It’s especially irritating, she adds, when it’s obvious the girl is still quite calm. If anything will get her to explode at that point, this line is one of them.

3. You never listen. Replace ‘listen’ with any other word or phrase, the reaction would still be the same. This is because you’re implying that she hasn’t, for instance, listened to you before. Not even once. Not only is this likely false, but by beginning the phrase with ‘you’, any bloke who says this is essentially pointing out only her faults.

4. Why? The manner in which you say this can change how she reacts to it. If you’re genuinely curious, or the conversation calls for it, then it’s perfectly okay. However, if they’re about to do something or buy something and you say it in a sarcastic or sneering way, they’re sure to get annoyed.

These are just 4 phrases out of the most common ones, though there may be others your partner dislikes in particular. That said, it may take some practice, but you’ll find alternatives that won’t cause the same irritated response from her.

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