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Melbourne Escorts – Sizzling Sex with 5 Moves

Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne Escorts

Whether the weather is warm or cold, there are ways to make sure sex stays sizzling – and being single doesn’t have to mean you miss out on the fun, with the girls from Melbourne Escorts. Up the ante and stoke your lovely lady’s fire by using any of the following moves.


  1. Don’t skimp on the kissing. The heat and wetness actually simulates sex, so if you know how to kiss, she’ll want more. Well-placed kisses are a great way to get her ready and wanting, so approach her from behind and kiss the nape of her neck. Lip-locking for a long time makes her wait for the ‘main course’, thus making it more tantalising.


  1. Tease her tits. Grabbing her boobs and fondling them for a while isn’t enough; get your tongue, lips, and even your lips in on the action when playing with them. Lick and suck her nipples until they start to harden, then blow gently on them. The play with temperature is a turn-on that pays well in dividends.


  1. Explore her down there. Just like her boobs, her vagina and the area around it is one erogenous zone you don’t want to play with too briefly. Find out what gets her off when you go down on her – and again, use all the tools in your arsenal. Don’t go directly to her clit, but toy with her a bit before penetrating her with a tongue or your fingers.


  1. Rough it up. Some women get a will tolerate only light spanking; others get a rush from having the guy pretend to choke them. Trapping her against a wall and having your way with her without completely taking her clothes off is another option.


  1. Let her take control. If you aren’t really in to cowgirl, you’re missing out on a pretty hot position. If you’re in missionary and she suddenly tries to turn the tables and hold you down so she can get on top, let her. You’ll last a tad longer and it’ll be easier for you to fondle the important parts of her anatomy.


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