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Have you ever noticed anything after having good sex? Well if you look at the mirror after getting an orgasm, you will notice that you have a certain “glow”. This is because you are radiating affection for your partner and the world, and the next day your co-workers and friends are mystified as to why you are so cheerful, and why you look so glowing! Here are a couple of steamy bits of information about the “sexual afterglow”.

The Sexual Afterglow Often lasts up to 48 Hours

Have you noticed how different you look after a rousing bedroom tryst with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Melbourne Escorts? According to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science, “sexual afterglow” often lasts for up to 48 hours after sex, and is linked to how happy you are in your relationship (or how satisfying the sex was).

Sex Continues to Boost Pair-Bonding & is Correlated With Relationship Happiness
It has long been understood by researchers and health experts alike that sex can bond partners, as the hormone oxytocin is released, and it promotes intimacy. And since most people in relationships are not having sex every single day, the researchers analysed data from two sides, the first with 96 newly-wed couples and the second with 118 newly-wed couples.

All the participants kept track of their daily sexual activity, sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction over a 14-day period, and they also reported how happy they were in their relationships. And regardless of gender, age, relationship length, personality traits, sexual frequency and anything else, most of the participants reported heightened sexual satisfaction for a full two days after having sex.

And the researchers noted that participants who experienced more intense sexual afterglow were much happier in their marriages or relationships from the start of the study and four to six months on, bolstered the researcher’s hypothesis that sex continues to enhance pair-bonding in between sessions, and is correlated with relationship happiness over time

And unlike other artificial sources of glow (such as facials, unicorn liquid eye shadow and spray tans), sex with your girlfriend, hookup partner or lovely Melbourne Escorts is free, so enjoy it, and the 48 hours after!

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