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Melbourne Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for Curved Penises

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While it’s true that dick size isn’t an issue, it’s just as true that women are more interested in the shape. After all, the ideal is that of a dick that’s more or less proudly straight on a bloke’s package – and it’s not just the lovely courtesans at Melbourne Escorts who think this way. The thing is, a curved penis has its own benefits.

If you’re one of those blokes whose sexual baton is bent – whether to the side, up, or down – here’s how to use it like a pro.

1. Missionary. If your dick curves upward, using it in missionary makes it feel great for your partner, and you’re bound to have a perfect fit thanks to your curved member. Every thrust is guaranteed to hit her G-spot.

2. Doggy. Another position for blokes with upward-curving penises, because it gives the same added pleasure of hitting the G-spot as in missionary. It’ll help to use a grinding rhythm instead of a thrusting one in this position though.

3. Cowgirl. This one’s something of a free-for-all – meaning, no matter which way your dick bends, she can adapt so that her G-spot is where your boner protrudes.

4. The “T”. This position is for men whose dicks have more of a sideways bend to them. Just have your partner lie on her back, legs spread, while you lie on your side, perpendicular to her. One of her legs should be in between your own. Then you can hump away.

5. The boat. You both just have to sit facing each other, legs spread and knees bent, with your girl’s legs over your pelvis. This position requires a bit more cooperation from both of you, because you have to thrust together to make the most of it.

To really turn up the pleasure, you can use textured condoms to add to the sensations she feels when you’re inside her – it doesn’t matter what way your dick curves. Just slip one on, and you’ll be rocking her world, so to speak.

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