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Melbourne Escorts – The Better-Sex Workout Routine That Can Give You More Confidence in the Bedroom

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Melbourne Escorts

I guess we all know, or at least are partly aware, that a big part of having a healthy sex life is having a healthy body. Why? Because if you feel strong and flexible, then this will help you perform better in the bedroom. But if you feel lethargic, stressed out or weak, then this will definitely show up during sex! Here’s a simple yet effective Better-Sex Workout Routine that can give you more confidence in the bedroom.

Alternating Lateral Squats

Looking to further improve your performance in bed, to the delight of ladies as hot and sexy as the Melbourne Escorts? Then perhaps you should at least try mastering these simple yet effective workout routines for better sex!

While working out to specifically improve your sex life might sound a bit odd, or weird, the truth is that this workout goes beyond merely bulging your biceps, or showing your abs. Do the alternating lateral squats 3 sets, with 6 reps each side, and rest for 30 seconds.


For push-ups, do 3 sets, with 20 repetitions, and then rest for 30 seconds. Try this full-body workout routine for three days a week, with one day rest in between. Utilise your “off-days” for active recovery – like for doing foam rolling, light cardio, yoga or a relaxing hike, to help you recover quickly while lowering stress and improving conditioning.

Pigeon Poses

For the Pigeon Pose, do 2 sets, with 30 second repetitions for each side, and rest for 0 to 5 seconds.

Dumbbell Thrusters

For the dumbbell thrusters, do 3 sets, with 10 repetitions, and rest for 30 seconds. If you are not familiar with these workout terms or techniques, feel free to consult with your local gym, and talk to your fitness counsellors and instructors, so you could easily begin the Better-Sex Workout Routine, and be on your way towards having a healthier and happier time in bed with the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts!

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