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Like anything else in life, the fun and sleazy world of sex will always be surrounded by myth. For adult men however, there are some sex myths about women that would be better dispelled. So, if you still pledge allegiance to the old beliefs and myths about sex, perhaps you could allow me to knock some sense in your head, and give you a  few hints on the new rules of sex.

There’s Nothing More Boring Than Respect in the Bedroom

Yes, we all know a lot already about being respectful, and asking for consent in the bedroom. But, then again, while it’s all very well being courteous and thoughtful during daylight hours,  there’s nothing more boring than being so respectful in the bedroom. What I actually meant was, why are you being so polite? This is sex, not tea in the Queen or Duchess’s walled garden, and I bet your hookup mate or lovely Melbourne Escorts would prefer that you get a little kinky and adventurous in the bedroom!

To make sex hot, you should exploit its potential for power games. Like for once, order her to stand in front of you and take her clothes off while you’re fully dressed, and then unzip and tell her to get on with it! Sometimes, women love to be told what to do in bed.

In addition, in sexual situations never use cute language when you can be obscene and insulting sometimes. But of course, don’t overdo it! For the sexiest contrast, infuse your day-to-day relationship with gallantry, kindness and respect, and then in the bedroom treat her like an absolute piece of meat! (Oops, forgive me for my choice of words).

It’s Not Sexy to be Funny in Bed

Most men often get terribly confused with being funny and being sexy. Well, women are attracted to funny men in two situations – Like on the first meeting, because laughter is an essential icebreaker, and for the purpose of a relationship because laughter makes life more fun.

But then again, all humour must be cancelled quickly before and during sexual activity! I mean if anything genuinely funny occurs to you, button it, or switch of that part of your brain that makes you funny, because during foreplay you must talk about absolutely nothing but sex itself.

But afterwards of course, a bit of warm giggling is lovely with your romantic partner, or even with your preferred Melbourne Escorts!

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