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Melbourne Escorts – The Secrets to Mind-Blowing Sex When You’re Well-Hung

Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne Escorts

It’s true that, in bed, your size isn’t the issue, but what you do with your package. Studies have shown that the average length for a guy is around 5 to 7 inches, so rest easy if you fall in that group. If you’re bigger than that, you don’t have to worry, either; the ladies at Melbourne Escorts are used to handling the goods, regardless of size.

Having a larger-than-average penis isn’t the only thing that makes you a good sex partner, so what can you do to make sure to bring on the pleasure for her as well?


  1. Extend the foreplay. You may be tired of hearing or reading about it, but that doesn’t change the fact that women take longer than men to get their engines purring. Go down on her, use your fingers or a vibrator, arouse her enough that she’ll have no trouble taking you in. Besides, it’ll show her that you’re a good lover, and it will leave her wanting more.


  1. Dab on the lube. Not only does it make you slide into her easily, but it also increases sensation for both of you. That’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. Make it part of your foreplay routine by using an edible, flavoured one.


  1. Go slow. Those scenes in porn films where the male lead hammers the leading lady into a toe-curling orgasm with his large member isn’t at all realistic. So don’t pound her mindlessly; go instead for a slow pace that’s more rocking or grinding. That way, you don’t come too quickly, and has more time to get used to you.


If your size is more on length than girth, and she’s into deep penetration, then you’re in luck.


  1. Hand her the wheel. Another option so you can both enjoy the erotic ride is to have her climb on top, and control things from there. The cowgirl position makes sure she controls both how deeply she takes you in, and how fast you go.


Add to her pleasure and yours by fondling or sucking her breasts, playing with clit, caressing her butt – anything you can think of.


You don’t have to shy away from sexual release just because of a larger dick, so go ahead and browse the gallery at Melbourne Escorts to find your perfect pleasure partner now!


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