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Melbourne Escorts – The Sexiest Original Netflix Shows That You Should Watch Tonight

Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne Escorts

Looking to find the newest, and the original, as well as the most creative, TV shows and movies? Look no further and get yourself a Netflix account! Yes, Netflix releases a lot of original TV shows and movies, so much that it can be hard to sort through them. And if you’re in search of the sexiest Netflix originals, below are a couple of movies and series that are both steamy, and truly Netflix-original.


Looking for something hot and fresh to watch on Netflix tonight, especially when you’re with ladies as hot and sexy as the Melbourne Escorts? Perhaps you should check out this series called Easy! Easy is an anthology series with a wide-ranging cast which includes Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, Elizabeth Rease, Hannibal Buress and Aubrey Plaza.

The show is about a whole bunch of folks who are dating and into relationships in the city of Chicago. In the first season for instance, one couple is looking to have a threesome, while one is trying to bring sex back into their marriage. Two seasons are currently available on Netflix.

In the Shadow of Iris

In the Shadow of Iris is a French film that’s an erotic thriller about a woman who goes missing. According to the Hollywood Reporter,  the film was supposed to be shot in the US, however the combination of sex and ambiguity made it too risky or complex for the US market. Hence, the film was shot in the world’s most famous sanctuary of sexy art films, France!

To Each, Her Own

To Each, Her Own is another sexy French film about a woman named Claire who is more than ready to come out as a lesbian to her conservative family, and reveal to them that she’s married too. However, things start to get real interesting when she starts hooking up with a male chef.

Eventually, Claire takes ownership of both relationships, and keeps her bisexuality to herself. The good thing is that there’s a lot of raunchy sex along the way, so please don’t forget to watch this naughty French flick with your girlfriend, or even with the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts!

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