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Melbourne Escorts – The SexTech Expert’s Take on the Future of Pleasure Devices

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While the world has been focusing on the Internet of things that are devised and bound for the boardroom or classroom, a small group of inventors and entrepreneurs have been silently devising a way to revolutionize the bedroom, with high tech sex toys, or “sextech”!  Here’s a brief yet quite interesting look at the “sextech” expert’s take on the future of pleasure devices.

Sextech Business Are Zooming

Looking for more high-tech ways to brighten up your erotic adventures with the hot and sizzling Melbourne Escorts? Well, until recently, the market for sex toys was behind the times, using the same basic design to please the masses. However, this is set to change, because in the past few years alone, sextech businesses have exploded, with 500 startups being born, and the sextech industry estimated to be worth US$30 billion, or £24.1 billion already!

Inspired by global trends around connectivity and equality, the world today is witnessing a shift from the gender-specific sex toy designs of the past, to an era focused on pleasure, intimacy and diversity. In fact, this new wave of technology is already designing products which integrate seamlessly into your life and prompt conversations between friends and partners about sexual wellness, their needs and desires.

Personalised Sex Toys That Are Diverse and Adaptable Are Now Coming to Fruition

Check out the available erotic merchandise and toys being sold online and offline today, and perhaps you will slowly see a trend in the design and production of more personalised sex toys. For example, a toy called “Crescendo” can be shaped to suit a person’s mood , and it allows the user to have a greater understanding of their body.

And when you look at an older model of cock ring or vibrator, there are not as many options for experimenting. But with adaptable and smart sex toys, you can be as creative as you like, and find ways to experience pleasure!

The Creation of Gesture-Based Sex Toys

Another exciting development in the world of sextech is the creation of gesture-based sex toys, which would negate the need to a remote. As a result, these devices will free up the user’s hands, and give them more time to focus on pleasuring their partner, or themselves!

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