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Melbourne Escorts – The Sleaziest Adult Magazines of the Modern Era

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Want to know what’s happening to the adult industry, or who’s on top of the porn charts, without having to log online? Well, read an adult magazine! To find the latest news about porn stars, their relationships, upcoming films and more, most guys buy an adult magazine, although they can now access these online via their websites and social media pages. Here’s a short list of the sleaziest and most popular adult magazines of the modern era.

High Society
If you’re in search of classic, yet truly sleazy adult magazines to collect, and perhaps even share along with your hookup buddies, as well as your preferred Melbourne Escorts, perhaps you should try looking for copies of High Society!

Introduced in May 1976, High Society brings lots of erotic stuff on a monthly basis, and it also has a treasure trove of articles and pictures of hot celebrities, and upcoming porn stars. And even up to today, the magazine continues to give a tough competition to the other popular magazines, as it depicts a much clearer picture of the current adult industry.

Published in the United States, Club is a monthly adult magazine that features sex toys, homosexuality and a wide assortment of porn-related content. It also features photos of nude models, sex pictorials and other sexually-explicit articles and stories. Club’s magazine cover is also very popular, as it regularly features lots of nude models who show off their butt, boobs and other juicy private parts!

Initially issued in 1980, Escort presents mostly softcore porn, nudes and other 18+ content, along with photos and texts. Subscribers can also contribute to the content by sending photos of women who are not professionals.

Adam Film World
And if there’s one adult magazine that you should not miss, it’s got to be Adam Film World! Although the magazine has ceased to be published and circulated, I guess you could still find snippets of content online, where you could spot the hottest and the sleaziest women on the planet.

The magazine is also famed for focusing on fetish movies, couples films, starlets, orgy series and more. And if your neighbour has an old copy of Adam Film World, I guess you should ask for it, or perhaps buy it if they won’t give it for free, and read it along with your favourite Melbourne Escorts!

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