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Melbourne Escorts – The Spring Break Guide to Having Sex on the Beach

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Melbourne Escorts

Spring has come! (Or spring is nearly with us!) Since we’ve been stuck deep in the winter doldrums for quite some time, the advance of spring should give us a wonderful respite from all that cold and gloomy weather. And of course, there’s some respite around the corner that’s putting spring in our minds, and its spring break! Here’s the neophyte’s spring break guide to having sex on the beach.

Where to Go
Spring break is far from just being an event for college kids. Thus, take a holiday in late February or early March with your hookup buddies, or with your favourite Melbourne Escorts, as this would be the perfect way to recharge your batteries, and get downright hot!

Now, where’s the best place to go? Well, you could head to some naked hot spring in your region, or in places like in Bali or Maldives, or some beach near the Melbourne metro area? In truth, all you and your partner need is a new location, and a bed (or a tent) to get some sexy inspiration!

What to Bring
If you’re planning to get hot and dirty in the beach, make sure you bring along your favourite sex toys, from dildos to remote-controlled vibes or even light silk restraints. And of course, it would be nice if you book a cottage or hotel room near the beach in advance too, because there’d certainly be a lot of people during spring break!

What to Remember
While spring break is all fun and games (especially if you’re just going to bask in the sun in a local beach), things can get quite complex if you’re going spring breaking in places like Thailand, Vietnam or Maldives, because many countries have strict rules concerning sex in public, as well as in bringing sex toys.

But then again, who says you can’t have as much spring break fun, if you’re only heading to the local beach? Well, perhaps you could double the fun if you bring along the hot and sizzling
Melbourne Escorts with you!

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