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Melbourne Escorts – The Traveller’s Guide To Navigating The World’s Most Popular Red Light Districts

Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne Escorts

Going on a holiday, or a business trip abroad? While we are not suggesting that you start your trip in whatever country you’re heading to with a tour of the city’s “red-light district”, it still pays to be well-informed. And when it comes to a town or city’s seedy underbellies, the local customs and regulations vary by country. Thus, to stay on the safe side, here’s a quick guide to navigating a few of the world’s most popular red light districts.

Rue Saint-Denis, Paris, France
When in the City of Lights, perhaps a quick tour of Rue Saint-Denis would make for an exciting addition to your trip. This historic street runs from Boulevard de Bonne-Nouvelle and Rue de Rivoli, and here you will find lots of sex shops and peep shows, and lots of streetwalkers who compete for your attention (and your Euro!). Well, the good thing is that many of the escorts here look as lovely and sexy as your favourite Melbourne Escorts back home!

The streetwalkers in this area can cost you from €30 to €70 (or US$33 to US$77). The peep shows and sex shops cost much cheaper though. However, while the ladies outside the peep show clubs may look so hot, they are in no way representative of what you’ll see or find inside. Thus, don’t expect too much on your first visit!

Kabuchiko, Tokyo, Japan
While Kabuchiko may look and feel like a fantasy-land, with themed sex clubs that offer sexy secretaries, nurses, maids, “schoolgirls” and BDSM experts, this red light district cater most exclusively to locals, and it can be tough for foreigners to get inside a club.

The price for “host” clubs usually runs from US$30 to US$140 for two hours, depending on the establishment’s quality. A trip to a “pink salon” or blowjob bar, will cost you at least US$20, while escort services (where the women come to your room) go from US$250 an hour.

However, don’t just enter or pop into a bar or club to check things out unannounced, because most of them have bouncers who are notorious for hustling tourists with truly steep, non-negotiable rates!

Geylang, Singapore
If you’re headed to prim-and-proper Singapore, perhaps your trip would be more memorable if you drop by Geylang, which is a three-mile king road which has side streets called “lorongs”, where you’ll find lots of legal brothels that are filled with Thai or Chinese ladies, and sessions with them are limited to 45 minutes only.

The prostitutes are divided into US$40, US$80, and US$150 variants, while the high-end ones will cost you around US$200! Just make sure you go to a licensed brothel, because the legal lorongs are even-numbered, while the odd-numbered lorongs are illegal, and you could get arrested if they get raided!

And if you get arrested, perhaps you wished you stayed at home, and had a wonderful time with the lovely Melbourne Escorts!

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