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Melbourne Escorts – The Weirdest Sex Laws and Facts in Canada

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Have you ever been to the “Country above the United States, the “People’s Republic of Canuckistan”, or the “True North Strong and Free”? Well, I was referring to Canada by the way. With a reputation for being polite and friendly, Canadians have laws, attitudes and habits that are pretty much relaxed. However, they do have some weird or offbeat laws pertaining to sex, just like in the United States of America. Here’s a brief yet fun look at the weirdest sex laws and facts in Canada.

In Canada, You Don’t Say “Threesomes”, But “Ménage a Trois”

Perhaps you’ve been used to having threesomes with your hookup partners, as well as your preferred Melbourne Escorts back home. But when you’re in Canada, better call this erotic activity aménage a trois” because it’s a bilingual country! (With French and English as the official languages).

According to a recent survey, 1 in 5 Canadians have said that they’ve taken part in it, and another s9% of respondents expressed great interest in joining a “ménage a trois” soon!

There’s No Place for the State in the Affairs of the Bedroom

In 1969, the country’s Justice Minister, and soon-to-be Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau (who happens to be the dad of the current PM, Justin Trudeau), famously sad that “there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”. Mr. Trudeau then created a bill that eventually decriminalized homosexuality, and legalized both abortion and contraception.

A Sizable Number of Canadians Have Had Sex in A Canoe

Who says that no one’s using a canoe any more in North America? Well, in Canada around 10% of adults have confessed to having had sex in a canoe, although researchers don’t actually know how’d they ever go about that, and not sink the canoe in the process!

The Supreme Court Ruled That Swinger’s Clubs Are Legal

In 2005, the country’s Supreme Court ruled that swinger’s clubs, or clubs that allow group sex and partner swapping, “do not harm Canadian society, and should not be considered criminal”. Who knows, maybe one, or more, of the country’s esteemed justices have already tried swinging before! Now, wouldn’t Canada be a nice place to visit with your girlfriend, or even with your favourite Melbourne Escorts?

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