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Melbourne Escorts – Three More Sex Myths That You May Have Believed All Your Life

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When it comes to talk about sex, there will be factual discussions about it, and there will be a lot of inaccurate rumours floating around too!  And even if we think that we know a lot about sex already, we’ll still fall for the silliest of sex myths and inaccuracies today. Here’s a look at a couple more sex myths that you may have believed all your life.

Virginity Only Involves a Penis and Vagina

Many of us have sadly thought all along that losing our virginity involves having penetrative sex between a man and a woman, and that any other basis for it won’t really count. But the reality is that your hookup buddy, or even your most preferred Melbourne Escorts, can lose their virginity in a much different way or manner! (Like they were probably using sex toys during the first time they got it on!).

According to sex and relationship experts, there’s no universal consensus on what behaviours constitute having sex. They add that it really excludes a large number of people who may consider themselves as having lost their virginity, but that definition is going to be very different for them!

Pulling out is Truly Effective at Preventing Pregnancy

If you’re having sex with someone other than a highly-trusted partner, the pulling out or withdrawal method is a definite no-no, not only because it’s risky to trust someone you don’t know to do the deed correctly, but because of the risk of STD’s and STI’s.

And while pulling out is widely considered as irresponsible and rash method, a 2014 study wrongly hails it as “as effective as condoms preventing pregnancy”. However, the study notes that it is effective if only practiced “perfectly”. And of course, the report notes that 22% of people who use the pull-out method became pregnant!

Men Think About Sex Every 10 Seconds

And of course, who hasn’t heard of the myth that men think about sex every 10 seconds? That means that we guys think about sex 514 times an hour, which seems like we’re devoting a lot of time to banging!

But then again, while it’s true that men do not think of sex every 10 seconds, the truth is that they always cherish a round or two of hot erotic action with ladies as hot and lovely as the Melbourne Escorts!

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