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Melbourne Escorts – Top 3 Secret Turn-Offs You Need to Know and Avoid

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If you’ve never been on a date, it can be hard to know how to act and what to do. Even if you’ve been on several hundred, the first one with a new babe can feel difficult, too. If you’re not sure what turns women off, too, then your date will have second thoughts of saying ‘yes’ to seeing you again. Even the highly trained courtesans at Melbourne Escorts would find certain things to be off-putting, no matter how dedicated they are to making your time together as enjoyable as possible.

So how do you know you’ve done something to turn her off and make her want to cut the date short? If you notice that she suddenly seems aloof after you say or do something, then you’ve made a mistake. Of course, you’d want to know just what to avoid so that you’ll see more successful dates than failed ones, so here are the three most common turn-offs for women.

  1. Being too sensitive. While being in touch with your sensitive side is a plus, if you’re too in touch with it, it can become off-putting. This means being confident enough in the date you planned to not ask her every 10 to 20 minutes if she’s okay and if she’s having fun.


Show you’re paying attention to her needs, but don’t be too obvious about it or look too worried.

  1. Being insecure. You’ll likely come across this several times, and that’s because it’s true. Rarely do ladies get drawn to the bloke who’s a wallflower – at least, in a romantic and sexual sense. Not feeling too good about yourself is normal now and then, but if you always act like that, she won’t want anything to do with you.


  1. Being a boring conversationalist. Boring conversation doesn’t mean not letting your passionate side show and looking like a geek or a nerd. In fact, the more passion you show for something, the more interested your date will be in you. However, you need to look out for visual cues that tell you she’s had enough of the current topic. Switch topics around until you find one that she enjoys talking about, too.


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