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Melbourne Escorts – Top 3 Tips For Men Who Want a No-Strings Attached Sex

Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne Escorts

For most men, scoring NSA (no string attached) sex with a hot woman is the main game – the hotter the girl and easier the sex, the better. Of course, this is not to say that guys don’t desire for a deeper connection at a later stage; it is just that uncomplicated mutual release is preferable to the complications of anything more involved.

But really, how do you go about meeting a lady willing to be your fuck-buddy aside those from Melbourne escorts? And how do you manage the relationship when such thing happens? The following are tips to help you:

Always Pick/Choose the Right Girl

In reality, some girls – depending on their life stage and circumstances – will have a great desire to be fuck-buddies than others. Your task is to target the right ones. Moreover, younger women – those in their early twenties – tend to be more carefree and less concerned about their biological clocks, thus more inclined toward a laid-back relationship.

Just remember that girls are horny creatures; they love sex more than men do. All you need is to position yourself as the right guy at the right time.

Be the “Fuck-Buddy” Guy Right from the Start

You need to set the correct frame from the start – that is by way of not positioning yourself as a potential boyfriend. Instead, make it clear to her – covertly– this is all about sex and nothing else. You could say something like “I’m not looking to steal you away from him,” thus identifying yourself as a lover rather than a provider.

Tip: Try to escalate to sex on the first date, or at the very latest on the second. This is about establishing a mutually-satisfying source of uncomplicated sex.

Don’t You Ever Break the Fourth Wall

Remember Deadpool? Yes, that guy from Marvel comics who loves breaking the fourth wall. If so, don’t make him a model in this endeavor. The idea is to never be explicit about what’s going on. Remember that women are masters of covert communication, thus you should be too. Saying something like “isn’t it cool how we just meet up and fuck, while there’s anything serious about us?” doesn’t only lack class, but it also risks triggering her anti-slut defense hard-wiring.

Unfortunately, if things don’t happen the way you want it to be, the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts are only a ring away. You can always give them a try.

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