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Melbourne Escorts – Two Ways on How to Talk Dirty Without Looking Like a Bad Guy

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Would you like to make things more fun and interesting in the bedroom? Perhaps you should learn the art of “talking dirty”! For example, the word “slut” can either be god or bad, because you could be sued by some lady who’s pissed off by your words. But when used consensually in bed, your partner would love hearing you say it! In the ear of #MeToo, talking dirty can sometimes be misconstrued as very weird, or outright anti-feminist! The good thing is that there are a couple of ways on how to talk dirty without looking like a bad guy.

Any Type of Sex (and Dirty Talk) Should Involve Enthusiastic Consent From Both Partners
Regardless of whether you’re doing dirty talk with your girlfriend, or with the sexy and sizzling Melbourne Escorts, always keep in mind that sexual pleasure is a two-way street, and any type of sex-related activity should involve enthusiastic consent from both partners.

Just don’t make your bedroom partner feel bad about herself for expressing her healthy desires. And if name-calling and dirty talk truly turns you on, lean in, and enjoy it, as you’ve already obtained full consent!

Engage in a Lot of Aftercare
As verbal humiliation can sometimes get a little intense, or out of hand, it would be best to practice what’s called “aftercare”, especially after you call each other bad names in bed, and you both come your faces off!

Well, everyone should do aftercare (Even if you’re not engaging in BDSM), whether you spit on one another on the bathroom floor, or have missionary sex in the dark, and of course after you call your lady a “slut”! And after shagging, make sure to hold and cuddle her, if only to assure her that you didn’t mean it when you called her a “slut”!

In the #MeToo era, women have tried to make it clear that sexual assault is not sex, and sexual harassment is not flirting. And while we certainly want to enjoy healthy partnerships and get laid at the same time, as well as talk dirty too, always make it a habit to seek the consent of your partner. Why? Because in a healthy and consensual erotic relationship, the bedroom is a safe place for you and your hookup buddies, as well as your favourite Melbourne Escorts!

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