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Have you noticed lately that something is happening inside your relationship? If so, this study done in the United States might give you an idea of the status of relationship you’re currently having with your significant other. Meanwhile, this might not apply to the kind of casual relationship you’re having with the enticing Melbourne Escorts.

What Brings Happiness & Unhappiness In Couples?

The dating service eHarmony did a survey entitled Happiness Index: The State of Relationships in America and released its findings in February of this year.

The survey that gathered more than 2,300 respondents whose ages were 18 and above, noted that 64 percent of them were “very happy” in their relationships, but then, only 50 percent of them said they were happy with their sex lives. Incidentally, they were married or if not, in long-standing relationships.

The same study also uncovered the things that bring unhappiness to people in relationships, and these are the top 2 overall – stress related to work and money problems.

Most of the relationship problems they encountered came from their sex lives and these the following: 1). too tired for sex, 2.) low sex drive, and 3.) boring sex.

So clearly, any relationship can be strained whether it just started or is now counting years. But, don’t panic. There are lots of ways to fix the various issues in relationships.

Open Communication

This may not come easy but believe me, it’s the leading fix as attested by the ones who reported being the happiest in real life. And this doesn’t mean talking with each other only. It could as well mean talking to a well-meaning friend or a therapist.

As to age group, eHarmony revealed that respondents who belonged to the millennial generation particularly the men, were the most effective communicators of all. They exhibited the willingness to talk about their relationship problems either with their partners or to others.

No Rushing In Marriage

Another key happiness factor as was gleaned from the earlier-mentioned study was that the couples who were more than 30 years of age were happy dating for five years even without marriage. They were happier than those who didn’t wait and married sooner.

Now, if you’re relationship has been strained, there are ways to bring back the fire.

1. Tell each other about your turn-ons – Do it when you’re both comfortable and relaxed, like in a cosy restaurant over a romantic dinner. You may want to broach topics such as tame fantasies or role-play ideas. It’s good to ask her first but, if you sense that she’s somewhat nervous, change topic until she’s back in her relaxed mode again.

2. Prepare for action – To supercharge the libido, watch a naughty film and eventually, introduce a new toy. You need not hasten things but only ensure that your partner agrees to all that’s bound to happen.

3. Do the action – After the ‘revelations’, you need to put those ideas into action. If you’re with kids, find someone you can trust to babysit and head on to a place where you can have some privacy to do your own thing.

You can do more if you do your homework. If a therapist isn’t your cup of tea when it comes to discussing your problems, then perhaps, the reliable Melbourne Escorts can be your “listening ears”.

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