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Melbourne Escorts –Your Girlfriend, or Hookup Buddy, Will Eventually Get Bored of You in Bed, New Study Reveals

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No matter how much of a gigolo you think you are, the truth is that your girlfriend, or even your hookup partner, will eventually get bored of you in bed! If you don’t believe this, then perhaps you need to read further, because I’m not just making this up, as the findings were actually made by a bunch of truly brainy guys and girls from the University of Southampton and University College London!

Women Are 4 Times More Likely to Lose Interest in Sex

The British researchers surveyed 4, 839 men and 6, 669 women over the course of a one-year study, of which the results were published in the British Medical Journal. One of their major findings was that women were four times more likely than men to lose some interest in sex, especially with a partner they’ve lived for over a year! Well, I don’t think you’ll ever lose interest in hooking up with ladies as hot and as sexy as the Melbourne Escorts!

While this initial statistic sounds quite daunting, the researchers say that a number of social and environmental factors contributed to this, some of which are healthy, and some of which are tragic realities, like the larger number of women who have experienced sexual abuse!


Men Most Likely Lose Their Sex Drive Between 35-44, While Women are From 55-64

The British researchers also added that both men and women lose some of their libido as they age. In fact, men are most likely to lose their sex drive between 35 and 44, while the women are less likely to care about shagging between 55 and 64.

Now, what can explain for this discrepancy? Well, the study team found that the ladies were more likely to be distracted or turned off from sex because of the presence of young children at home, or if they weren’t feeling emotionally close to their partner during the act anymore, or if it if was hard to talk to their partner about sex!

But then again, if you still aren’t in a long-term romantic relationship, I guess you’ll definitely not lose interest in meeting up with the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts anytime, or  anywhere!

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