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Myths and Misconceptions about Escorts

The escort industry is widely accepted within the modern world especially in Australia. But there are still common misconceptions that society made up because of taboos. Here are some of those myths that apply not only to our Melbourne escorts but to everyone of them around the world.

  • The escort industry is a quick way of earning money. Though some women could earn up to $700 an hour or even more but these ladies had invested enough money and time for them to reach that level. For most escorts have to market themselves, follow up leads, set up appointments and everything that would require for them to have clients. An escorts week could very well reach 40 working hours or more.


  • All escorts are emotionally disturbed. The truth is escorts are people that are outgoing, well-adjusted and fun beings that love to explore their sexuality with their clients. Some of them might have some emotional problems to cope with just like the rest of us. We can assure you that every Melbourne escort in this site is willing to do their job and are great at it.


  • The escort industry is fancy prostitution. Technically, there is a huge difference between these two. Prostitution is a way of earning money for sex whereas escorts sell their time to their clients and intercourse is just optional. There are many things that escorts do that prostitutes don’t such as attending business functions, going on dates etc.


  • Escorts can do anything in bed. Like all businesses, there are still rules and regulations for escorts whether they are independent or with an agency. Escorts that have no boundaries have little or no respect for themselves and clients must respect that. It can be that their agency restricts them to do so or that they personally do not like doing it.


  • Escorts are dumb. This is one of the most widely known misconceptions there is. Society has dictated that all sex workers cannot get proper jobs because they are not smart. It is not true, many courtesans have college degrees that they can be proud of. It takes a level of intelligence and cleverness to talk and entertain their clients.


Wherever you may be within the country be sure that you have them by your side. Whether you want a steamy night or a simple dinner date, have fun with our alluring Melbourne escort.

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