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New Poll Notes That Few Americans Are Having Sex, After the Elections

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Who says that politics doesn’t put a damper on a person’s sex life? Well, just look at what happened after the most recent US presidential election? According to a recent poll conducted by popular fertility app Kindara, many Americans lost a lot of things in the wake of the election, and especially after the victory of Donald Trump. That includes their faith in the American Dream, a sense of personal safety (after a rise in hate crimes) as well as their ability to come!

Donald Trump’s Victory Negatively Affected Most Americans’ Sex Lives
In October 2016, just a few weeks before the US elections, fertility app Kindara surveyed 928 of its female users, of which 19% were Democrats and 9% were Republican, and it found out that the election had negatively impacted their sex lives in various ways. Thank goodness you live Down Under, and you don’t need to talk about politics with the lovely and sexy Melbourne Escourts!

Many of those who don’t like Trump argue that he got elected by pursuing his own bases instincts, which included assaulting women (allegedly), hurling insults and generally acting like a boor. Critics also argue that it’s hard for many to yield to those same instincts when they know that the new guy in the White House threatens the rights of minorities, women and even the LGBTQ Americans!

Post-election, the app also noted a rash of men and women lamenting their waning libidos, especially on social media, and all sorts of people –men and women, black and white, straight and gay – were all united by their new-found incapability to maintain an arousal.

Many People Say It’s Hard to Feel Desire When You’re Disgusted
Why the sudden loss of libido after the presidential elections? According to Vanessa Marin, a San-Francisco-based psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy, “the lack of sex, or the impending apocalypse anxiety after a Donald Trump victory, isn’t uncommon”.

Ms. Marin adds that “a lot of people aren’t simply sick to their stomachs about the current political climate in the US. Thus, more and more men and women today find it hard to feel desire when they’re feeling disgusted, scared, nervous, frustrated and angry “.

Well, instead of making his country “great again”, the new president has just made a lot of people to never f_ck again! Thank goodness you live Down Under, and you’re just a phone call away from the lovely and alluring Melbourne Escourts!

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