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Private Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Bizarre Sex Dreams and What They Really Mean

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Regardless of whether you’re single, or in a monogamous or open relationship, sex dreams happen to us all.  In fact, I bet that a lot of us have already woken up with a startled, completely bemused or baffled look, at the bizarre individual that we just boned in our dreams! Here’s  look at a couple more truly bizarre sex dreams and what they really mean.

Sex With Someone of a Gender You’re Not Usually Attracted to

According to psychologists and therapists, sex dreams might not actually be about sex at all, and instead could be a way of figuring out other emotions. So, if you identify as single, and love hanging out with ladies as hot and sexy as the Private Melbourne Escorts, but in your dreams you just had sex with a gender you’re not usually attracted to, relax for it’s just a dream!

If it is someone of the same sex that you just boned in your dream, like for example your female boss, ask yourself if you’re slightly attracted to her. If not, it could be part of something you see or admire in her, like she’s independent or successful. Most sex experts and psychologists stress that we’re often draw and attracted to people and sexual partners when we want a bit of what they have!

Sex With Someone Other Than Your Partner

Dream cheating does not necessarily mean that you’re unhappy with your current partner, and want to have sex with people other than your partner. It’s crucial to note who you’re cheating with in your dream – Is it the girl at the gym?  If it is someone that you desire in waking life, then it could be something that you don’t need to look at, as it’s simply wish fulfilment!

Sex With a Purely Platonic Friend

We often know instinctively if we are attracted to someone. But, with a platonic friend, we often say “Oh God no, I wouldn’t ever have sex with them!”. Sex and dream experts suggest that you should ask yourself stuff like “Who are they?” “What qualities do they have?” or “What have they achieved that I might secretly want?”

But if you keep dreaming of the hot and sexy Private Melbourne Escorts, I guess it simply means that you miss them so much, and would love to go on a date with them again!

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