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Reasons It’s Better Not to Be That One Guy

melbourne escort blog - don't be that guyWhen you were in school, you likely knew one bloke who seemed to be able to get any girl he wanted – aside from the gorgeous specimen he was always seen with. He also didn’t seem to realise how that affected the other blokes. While that may seem impressive and something to envy, it’s not. You don’t have to be that guy in order to attract even the lovely  Private Melbourne Escorts.

It may sound strange – after all, any bloke would love to just have to look at a girl to get in her pants. But it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s why.

1. STDs aren’t the best mementos. No matter how fastidiously you practiced safe sex, you’re bound to mess up at some point or another. As the bloke who slept around a lot, it’s highly likely he’d contracted an STD or two because of that. That sort of thing follows you around forever, or at least it’s difficult to cure.

2. He peaked too early. You may have noticed that the average-looking girls in school grew up to look absolutely gorgeous, while those who were head-turners now look average. It’s the same with men. Some are like the ugly duckling – they develop late, and look great because of it. Blokes with really good looks in school, on the other hand, will seem to age faster than their peers.

3. He’s out of options. While being around the block and sleeping with practically every girl may sound incredible, have you thought of what it’s like for him when it’s done? Once he’s slept with everyone, there’s no one else to chase. The ladies he’s slept with will also likely stay away from him once they figure out what he was up to.

4. He won’t have the advantage for long. As a teen, he didn’t need to do much to get a girl; as a result, he likely wouldn’t have been able to ‘learn’ how to flirt. This means you’d then have the advantage over him.

Now, if you’re looking for a good time or you just need some company, browse the gallery at Melbourne Escorts. These lovely courtesans will help you prove to yourself that being ‘that guy’ isn’t the best, and there’s no real reason to go on envying him.

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