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Say Goodbye to Awkward Silences and Learn More About Her with These Conversation Topics

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Conversations are supposed to be lively exchanges of questions and answers that help people learn more about each other. So it’s understandable that there’s no one who’s comfortable with the awkward pockets of silence that steal into a conversation because they’ve run out of things to say. Those are rare when you’re with one of the Melbourne escorts you may hire now and then.

Of course, there’s a point where you’re comfortable enough with someone that you’re fine with just spending time together without having to keep up a constant round of chatter. But what if you aren’t at that stage yet? For example, what if you’re chatting with a coworker you’re interested in, but you’re running out of ideas of what to say to keep the conversation going?

Staying quiet and hoping that your companion finds a way to start the conversation up again won’t work all the time, of course. That said, here are a few interesting topics that practically guarantee an unforgettable chat while helping you find out more about her.

1. Favourite places to hang out. Since people rarely have just the one hangout, not to mention different reasons for choosing one place over another, this topic can lead to a very long conversation. Plus, you can find out all sorts of things about your companion, like what places she’s more comfortable in, which of her hobbies she really enjoys, and so on.

2. Staying at home versus exploring. Women have different hobbies, and they’ll usually tell you whether you’re compatible or not as far as leisure time goes. For example, if you’re the type to go surfing or hiking but she’d rather stay at home with an arts-and-crafts project, you could be hard-pressed to find activities you’ll both enjoy.

Don’t give up if you seem at odds, though; there could be activities you’ll wind up enjoying together, even if they don’t seem like your cup of tea at first.

3. Pet peeves. Everyone has at least one thing that irks them, no matter who does it and when it happens. Pet peeves can go from people borrowing things without asking for permission, to shoppers with carts lining up at a basket-only lane at the grocery checkout. Finding out about her quirks will help you learn how to not piss her off.

4. Footwear. Like the topic on favourite hangouts, talking about choice of footwear will give you a better idea of what kind of date she’d like. If she prefers flats or comfortable sneakers, she likely won’t mind the more casual date ideas like going out for coffee. On the other hand, if she likes pretty sandals and heeled shoes, you’ll want to plan something more romantic.

Of course, if you haven’t found someone you’re interested in and you want some company on a weekday or weekend night, there’s always the Melbourne escorts you can find online. You won’t have to rack your brains for an interesting conversation topic when you’re with one of them.

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