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For women, foreplay should be a drawn-out affair so she’ll be ready once you first thrust into her; otherwise, it’ll be more pain than pleasure for her. One way to do so, say several Melbourne Escorts, is to get her to anticipate sex even before you’re in the same room. You can do this by leaving notes or, more commonly these days, through sexting.

The problem is, there are blokes who need to improve when it comes to this, because sexting can be a form of dirty talk that should arouse her before you get together for that steamy session. If you don’t do it right, though, she’ll be unimpressed. So here are a few tips to make sure you don’t slip up where it matters.

1. No sexting after the first date, especially if you don’t know each other that well yet. For one thing, some ladies will find it creepy. For another, it may give her the wrong idea. However, you don’t have to wait until you’ve had sex for the first time, either. Instead, wait for when you’ve expressed mutual attraction, and then send her your first sext. That way, you’ll know she’ll reciprocate somehow.

2. Start small, but don’t be too upfront. You’ll want to be ambiguous and keep her guessing, instead of saying things like “I want to get in your pants so bad right now.” Let her imagine things for herself instead, and use statements like “I dreamt of you last night,” or “I miss you, I wish I were with you now.”

3. Remember that sex takes two, and sexting is the same. If you’re one-sided about it, she won’t enjoy the exploration as much. Don’t focus too much on how hard you are, or what you’re feeling, but make sure to mention what you like doing to her to arouse her and how that turns you on as well.

4. Be as vivid as possible without being too wordy. Otherwise, she’ll get bored. The sexts you send at first can be vague – that’s a good thing. But once you get started, you’ll want to be descriptive. Paint a picture of your lovemaking session so that she’s drawn into it. Her brain is her biggest erogenous zone, so she’ll thank you for appealing to it.

5. Don’t rush things, because like actual sex, sexting should be savoured. Go too fast and it may be only you who’s getting turned on. Think of sexting as you leading her into your fantasy; if you want her to enjoy it as much as you do, slow down now and then so she can catch up.

In the same way, add several Melbourne Escorts, you need to build it up. Tell her what you imagine she’s doing or feeling and how you’re responding. Let her add her own reactions to the mix as well, so it becomes more real for you both. Then it’s guaranteed she’ll want to help you make imagination a reality.

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