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Secrets to Using Your Tongue to Tease and Please Your Girl

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Many things in life can be somewhat difficult to navigate and figure out, particularly for those who aren’t that experienced. Sex, for example, is something that’s an ongoing learning process, because even if you’ve had a few partners – including one or two of the Melbourne escorts you find online now and then – there are still new things you can learn. That doesn’t mean you have to keep being awkward.

Practice can help you improve your skills and techniques, whether it’s how to treat a lady, or how to turn up the heat in the bedroom. That’s why when things start heading in a more sensual direction and you start discarding clothing, the last thing you want to do is stiffen up – in a bad way – or fumble.

It’s a good thing you have a very handy tool that you can use on your girl, and the moves are quite simple. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

1. Tease her earlobes and lips. When you focus on her upper body first, it helps build anticipation better. That’s especially true if you start with her head and shoulders. Tease the outer edge of her earlobes using your tongue, for example, before working your way down to her lips. Lick gently at her lips, in between planting quick kisses, before prolonging the kisses and slowly introducing a little tongue.

At some point during this part of your sexy session, a French kiss done right will soon have her imagining your mouth on her lower lips, which will turn her on even more.

2. Focus on her neck. Use just the tip of your tongue to find out what parts of her neck get her wanting more. In many women, the nape of the neck is particularly sensitive, so that’s a good place to start. Don’t use the whole of your tongue when teasing her neck because there’s nothing sexy about that. It’s better to use the point or tip, or just the front portion of the tongue in general.

You can follow-up on those few teasing licks by gently sucking the same area, or else giving it a little nip – see what works.

3. Tantalise her back. The back is also a sensitive part of the woman’s body thanks to all the nerve endings found there. Trail your tongue slowly down the middle of her back, stopping just short of her butt, then work your way up again. Keep up the teasing, and she’ll start begging you to go lower.

4. Play with her boobs. This is an obvious one, since a woman’s breasts are obvious sweet spots. Don’t start playing her nipples right off the bat, though. Try licking around the breasts themselves first, moving closer and closer to the nipple and then moving away. When you finally tongue her nipples, the pleasure she’ll feel will be more intense. This will work for Melbourne escorts, too, if you end up engaging one of them because you needed company.

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