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Sex Allergy: When Something Is Wrong Down There

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Could you really be allergic to sex? Well, to set the records straight, there is no such thing as ‘sex allergy’. Yet, there could be some allergic reactions to some stuff involved during genital contact such as condoms, lubricants, and even semen!

Lucky for you, the experienced Melbourne Escorts are here to enlighten you on what brings about the allergies from having intercourse.

If pain is felt during the act, the suspect here could be an infection. But, after examination and you come out negative, then, it could either be due to the lube you used or the condom. In which case, you need to do some testing before you ever use them.

Allergy From Exposure To Latex

Known as the most common form of allergic reactions during sex, latex allergy is characterised by itching, a burning sensation besides rash. The more severe symptoms are anaphylaxis, asthma and red, raised bumps called urticaria.

If the vaginal gets irritated, that could be due to the lube found in the condom. Thus, if the doctor confirms you’re allergic to latex, the only thing you can do is to avoid the use of such. You may be advised to switch to condoms made from lamb intestines.

Allergy From Semen

Though this is rare but, there have already been reported cases. And mainly because the seminal fluid may contain substances that triggered the reaction, for instance, some food proteins and drug medications that might have been transmitted in the semen.

Possible signs that you’re having the allergy are also a burning sensation, vaginal itching, and likely, those manifested in latex allergies. Again, one has to avoid exposure to seminal fluid by using non-latex condom. But, a woman victim may be desensitised by increasing the concentration of her partner’s semen which is administered through the vagina itself.

Other Signs of Allergic Reactions

Apart from those mentioned above, you would know you’re experiencing allergies by these signs:

Itching after using a sexual device – sex toys that aren’t made from silicone are likely to cause allergies, that’s why, only the surgical grade silicone is recommended for use.

Swelling in the genital region – the likely culprit here is sperm allergy and may include other areas of the body that had been exposed to seminal fluid. For example, itching and redness around the mouth or on the tongue after rendering oral screwing.

Warm sensation from lubes – fun lubes as they are called, are meant to create a cool or warm feeling but then, these are not safe to use for everyone. They may have an alcohol content or glycerine that produces the warming effect. Unless stated in the product label ‘hypoallergenic’, then you’d better read the labels first before you buy. Remember, the vagina is made up of highly sensitive tissues, so synthetic or petroleum-based products can cause harm to the area.

Vaginal dryness – coupled with itching, this could be due to the douche or lotion used prior to or following the sex act. It’s important to know if these substances contain irritants, hence, knowing what the label says helps a lot. Many of these products contain alcohol that can irritate and dry the vagina.

If you still need to know more, the highly-educated Melbourne Escorts are a great source of information.

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