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Melbourne Escorts – The Best Animated Porn of the New Millennium

If you love watching real guys and girls get down and dirty on the TV or computer screen, have you ever seen animated characters have sex? While some might think that cartoons aren’t real, and this is why they can’t give reality and true essence to any sex scene, wait till you watch the best more »

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Melbourne Escorts – 5 Reasons Why Guys Secretly Hate The Missionary Position

Of the various sex positions available today, perhaps the “missionary” is the most common, and the most widely used. Also called the “man-on-top” position, the missionary is generally defined as “a sex position in which a woman lies on her back and a man lies on top of her while they face each other and more »

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Melbourne Escorts – Simple Phrases That Actually Irritate Her

All couples have a phase where one of them gets irritated at the other for what seems like no reason. The lovely babes at Melbourne Escorts have had a few clients who experienced it at some point – and as it turns out, there are certain simple phrases that can set a lady off. To more »

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