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The Difference between Prostitution and Escorts

When talking about Melbourne escorts, you would usually say a prostitute or a sex worker but this is only half truth. Courtesans are beautiful ladies that are sophisticated and elegant women that give pleasure to their client. They are like your regular girlfriends n a span of time. But what is the difference between an escort and a regular sex worker?

Defining Escorts

primarily, escorts are women that sell their time to their clients as companions during events, dinner dates and tours. It is within the client and the escorts’ discretion if they engage in a more intimate time together. They can either be independent or with an agency. There is no difference between the two when it comes to services but it greatly differs on how escorts handle the administrative side of this industry.

Also, there are 2 services that each kind of escort offers, in-call and outcall. In-calls are when you, as a client can meet up at her premises where an outcall is the exact opposite. Outcalls are escorting services where you get to transact either in your home or in a hotel.

Difference between escorts and street walkers

When you say regular street walkers, these are women that offer sexual favors openly along the street. The thing is, these ladies have no discretion with their clients as long as they can offer them money. Also, their hourly rates are much affordable compared to escorts. Their clients can pick them up along the street, book the nearest hotel and have their way with them.

Escorts are women that take pride with what they do. Some women even have a college degree but still opt for this kind of job simply because it is enjoyable for them. Also, they are very picky when it comes to selecting their clients only accepting elite prospects once or twice a week.

When it comes to health, escorts take more care of their well being. They have regular checkups and always practice safe sex unlike your usual prostitutes. You will be guaranteed that escorts are healthy and in good shape.

Though escorts can be expensive, it would be totally worth it. As you can see from reviews of each of these sophisticated girls, you will see that no money can amount the pleasure that they give. The gallery can help bring all your carnal desires come true. So have fun and find true passion with these courtesans.

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