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The Hardships of a High Class Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne is one of the largest states in terms of adult entertainment. With that, there are also a number of local and touring escorts in the region. Unlike in Perth or in Sydney, Melbourne has stricter laws when it comes to adult ads, websites and sensitive information about escorts. Among these restrictions is the registration for an SWA (sex worker act) number. All escorts are required by law to have these set of digits posted on their online ads. The photos too are restricted; displaying only their faces from head to shoulders. The use of profanity in describing their services is also prohibited.

Even with such heavy restrictions, there are still a lot of girls who tour the state. You can see that the adult escorting industry in Melbourne still enjoys a great market and is proven to be a profitable business. Many new escorts are coming from different parts of Victoria to become Melbourne escorts and thinking that this is a get-money-quick scheme when in fact; most of the high class escorts treat this as their career.

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It’s not easy being an escort. You need to look your best despite all the pressures in your life plus the additional social stigma that people have against you. “The walk” from the hotel lobby to the elevator that garners much attention is not something that every newbie escort can handle. To make it worse, you have to do it at least twice, every single day of your career.

Whether you are independent or with an agency, it’s a hard industry to be in. You have to take care of your paperwork plus additional pressures on marketing yourself online or on ads. You have to invest in good professional photos from photographers. You need to shop for new clothes and spend a couple of hundred bucks for online adult ads, etc. Instead of earning, you end up spending cash.

If you want to be an escort, don’t expect an easy life. It is a career you have to maintain; the industry spats out the faint-hearted and pays well to hard working folk. The best thing you could offer to your escort is respect for surviving such a harsh industry. Take the time to view the best high class escorts in Melbourne through our gallery.


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