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The Lonely Guy’s Guide On The General Etiquette When Joining “Foursomes”

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Like anything else in life, the art of sex also has its own set of rules or etiquette, to guide both partners (or more) on how to enjoy their sex life, as well as how to further elevate the erotic experience, without causing injury or psychological harm to anyone. So what are the rules for such activities like– foursomes? We asked a number of sex experts (and veteran foursome participants) to reveal to us the general etiquette when joining threesomes, or foursomes!

Anyone Can Stop Any Wrongdoing, At Any Time
Whenever you plan to join a threesome or foursome, remember that anyone can, at any time, stop any foolishness from taking place, no questions asked. Keep in mind that no one will certainly relish hurting the other, and of course no one would like to subject themselves to any undue physical or psychological harm! Perhaps you could ask the lovely Melbourne Escorts to join you in that party?

Discussions On Boundaries And Safe Sex Happen First
Before the drink is served (and consumed) and before any article of clothing comes off, a serious discussion regarding boundaries, expectations, safe sex and other concerns should take place first. Everyone should be aware that if you engage in sex parties or activities like foursomes, it may spark either good or bad emotions, which none among the participants anticipated. Keep in mind that talking about something in theory is always very different than actually doing it!

Don’t Start It With Friends
And if you’re planning to organize or join a foursome, for good measure please don’t start with friends! While there could be a chance that things might go well, somehow things could go a bit sideways, and you’ll likely be playing with fire, emotionally at this point too, because you’re doing with people you know very well!

Speak Up, And Make The First Move
When joining threesomes or foursomes, the best way to loosen up and enjoy the experience, would be to talk to the other participants! Don’t be shy about telling then that it’s your first time to join this type of activity, because talking is hailed as the unsung hero of the sex party, so please feel free to verbally express your erotic self!

And while you may not be used to being forward, or to initiating things, it would help if you make the first move, even if it’s your first time to join this type of erotic activity! What’s so nice about a safe, rules-based sex party or activity is that nothing will happen, if you don’t make it happen!

And when participating in threesomes or foursomes, don’t be afraid to crack a joke, or smile! In most cases, sex party neophytes oven feel so stiff and out-of-place. Thus relax, drink adequate amounts of alcohol, enjoy yourself and have a laugh. You could even bring along your favourite Melbourne Escorts to the activity, as long as they approve of it!

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