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What Makes a Good Melbourne Escort Client

Are you considering getting a companion not just for one night but can be booked, say for a week or more than that? If yes is your answer, then you are on the right track to have stumble upon on this site. Thank you for visiting Melbourne Escorts 4 You. This is where you can get in touch of the most beautiful women. Play with these foxy vixens in the most erotic way possible. But Melbourne escorts also favor men that have cool attitudes within their professional relationship. Here are some of the attributes that make up a good client:

  • A gentleman sees private escorts as individuals. It takes a degree of maturity to understand that theses charming ladies are human beings to. This is why some of them refuse clients that are not acting mature and professional and giving them the kind of respect that they truly deserve.
  • Pays correctly and does not haggle their rates. You have to understand that this is also a business and what you see on her quotes is what you get. A gentleman always pays accurately down to the single cent. Bribes are also discouraged, especially for escort virgins that are your ideal dates.
  • A good client does not cross the line. There will always be times when you fell short of your satisfaction for some reasons and want to do something that could put you and her life in peril. Especially in wearing protection, do not ask if you can do it without condom, only if she requests it (but this is less likely to happen.).
  • Be discreet. Respect her privacy; if she shares private information never go babbling about it among your friends. Like you, these ladies also respect your privacy, so be private on details especially when writing for reviews.
  • Respect her time. If you are engaged on an appointment with Melbourne escorts, be on time. Do not be late. Do not be too early. Do not constantly rearrange your schedules. It could be that she has previous appointments to other clients or something much more important.
  • Be friendly and understand chemistry. These ladies are trying their best to satisfy you in every way possible. It would be much easier to be comfortable with each other, however there will always be times that you would not fit in with the right escort and should be mature enough to accept this.


Hopefully this information will help you on your escort experience. With maturity, you can make your encounter a whole lot better. Escort girls in Melbourne would truly appreciate all these and will reward you with the utmost pleasure you have never felt before.

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