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You Don’t Want Protection In Sex? Think Twice!

Condoms - Private Melbourne EscortsHaving experienced intercourse without a condom? Bad! Here’s why – protected sex is the only way a woman cannot become pregnant. The most important thing, it saves you from getting sexually infected!


Pretty sure most babes today, especially the seasoned Melbourne Escorts, will insist that you use condom when engaging in coitus. Yet, if you sneer at the idea, here’s what you need to know before you ditch the rubber.


Oral Contraceptives Can’t Keep You Protected


According to health experts, even if a woman uses some form of birth control, she can still conceive, that is, if she forgets to take the pill everyday at the same time. Remember that oral contraceptives don’t offer protection from sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HIV, and the like. A man could get infected if he doesn’t use condom. Therefore, to be sure, partners need to undergo testing.


Couples who prefer staying in monogamous relationships sometimes engage in copulation without condom because they say that skin-to-skin contact is the most exhilarating thing to do  between the sheets. Yes, a bunch of them may have taken the necessary safety precautions, for instance, using oral contraceptives, having been tested for STIs, so no trouble!


A Condom-less Sex Is Paired With Responsibility


Sex and relationship experts argue that not using condom comes with a massive responsibility. Just imagine yourself plus your partner becoming vulnerable to sexual disease! Clearly, the exchange of bodily fluids between two lovers makes them susceptible to contracting a sexually-transmitted illness, aside from the fact that unintended pregnancy is a huge possibility.


How The Infection Is Spread


Take note that lesions or ulcers in a person’s private parts that are not covered by condoms are the sure path to the spread of infection. The cuts could be an active herpes outbreak. If ever these are present, make sure to cover them up with a condom.


Another factor for spreading infection is exchanging body liquids such as vaginal fluid, semen, pre-cum and blood.


The best that you can do is talk it out with your partner should any of you be undergoing a problem. Imagine what unsafe sex could do to your lives. Never be embarrassed to ask your lover about sexually transmitted diseases.


It still makes sense to advocate for safe sexual health, either you’re making love to your beloved or to anyone of the sultry Private Melbourne Escorts.

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