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Young Escorts Melbourne – 4 Fantastic Ways for Teasing Her Boobs

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If you ask the men which female body part they mainly love to feast their eyes on, as well as fondle, kiss and caress, perhaps you’ll be in no shock that it’s the boobs! Yeah, guys admit that you love to play on your lady’s breasts! And of course, a lot of women too enjoy breast play during sex. Thus, know which moves you need to do to make her go crazy for you, as well as to have a power-packed action between the sheets.

Avoid Biting

If you’d like to tease your girlfriend, or your favourite Young Escorts Melbourne’s breasts, the first rule is to avoid biting! Unless she asks that you bite her nipples, then don’t do so even if she’s already moaning with pleasure! And, before nibbling, ask her whether you can carry on!

Make sure you compliment her too, by telling her how lovely her tits are, as this will make her feel good, and this will elevate her libido too. And in turn, you will enjoy sizzling sex too!

Be Gentle

Yes, please don’t just grab her boobs or knead on them, but be gentle and use your fingers to run smoothly through her breasts. Use your fingertips to caress her boobs too, as his will certainly make her shiver with delight!

Tease Her

Touch your lady’s breasts but avoid roughly touching or holding her nipples, and make her crave for more. Next, kiss her breasts and engage in some soft play, as well as let her tell you to get going!

Not All Breasts Are the Same

Not all breasts are the same, no matter how identical they may look. Thus, know whether your girl likes soft breast play or a rough one. Know whether she likes it when you bite or suck her nipples, or if it’s painful for her.

Remember to make her comfortable too, and try to use some innovative ways for making breast play amazing, and delightful for your hookup mates, as well as your preferred Young Escorts Melbourne!

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